Jim H.

Had been at Discount Tire for Free tire repair while talking to a friend who recommended Louisville Tire. After being quoted up to 1 1/2 hours I went to LT and was taken care of very quickly.
Best part, as tech(very friendly and nice man named Rick) came back in with keys they told me "I was all set".  I responded no you fixed a Tire and I must owe you something. Showed me ticket that Brian had written up w Tire repair and a big fat $0 on it. Brian said just come back in for service, tires, coffee whatever you want.
Brian, Rick, and Steve (who greeted me as I got out of my car) have earned my business for LT. Well done gentleman, kudos.

Carrie H.

Such great people that work here. I had a flat tire on a super stressful day when I didn't have time to deal with a flat tire. They got me in right away and I was back on my way. Very courteous and like you're talking to an old friend.

Alicia Lewis
Louisville Tire is much more than a tire place. They do full service repairs. They are timely, affordable, and honest. I have been going here for 9 years and have been consistently pleased with their service and work. The one time I had a concern about a job, they were fantastic about walking me through what happened.

Tanner Moore

Brought my car in there due to a power steering fluid leak. The mechanic looked it over the next morning and called me back with the bad news. It was a broken pump. I told him that I just had it replaced a year or so ago and he immediately suggested that I call the place where I originally had the work done incase they had a warranty.
He was right. The part was covered and I got my car fixed for free by the original shop. Louisville Tire & Auto Care is an extremely honest shop that saved me hundreds of dollars. I was only charged for the 18 minutes of lift time that it took to find out my pump was broken.
I will be bringing my car here without hesitation for any issues that show up in the future.

RJ Harrington
Transparency and honesty. Brian and the crew know vehicles and know what it's like to run a local business to retain our loyalty. If you want your vehicle maintained properly, with no surprises, LT&AC is the place to go. Thanks gents.

Jay S.

They earned my business!  Talk about customer service.  These guys know how keep customers coming back.  I had a nail in my Cooper ATW tire.  Looking on google for all local Cooper retailers, most said not only did I need an appointment or they were too busy to look at my bad tire, Lousville Tire& Auto Care said, "Come on in, we'd be happy to take a look at it!"  Not only did they take my unscheduled visit, they pulled the nail and plugged/patched my tire for free!

I still have a Summer's worth of tread on these tires, and for sure I'll be back to get my next set from Louisville Tire & Auto.  Friendly, honest, and professional folks.  They earned my business for sure.

Randy R.

I've been using Louisville Tire and Auto for my family's cars for years. They have consistently been thorough and ethical. They clearly take pride in doing the job right, and at a reasonable cost.

Colby Schuum

Great people and by great I mean honest. I know technology but not cars. The guy's there were nice and laughed at my stupid jokes but never gave me a reason not to trust them. Me and my whole family will be going to Louisville tire & auto until we finally get the flying cars that were promised to us in back to the future 2

Lora Shima

Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you I had a great first experience using Louisville Tire. I have not had great luck with various "chain store" garages. For the first time in a long time, I had repairs done and did not walk away feeling swindled or cheated. Everyone I spoke with was pleasant and seemed happy to be there. The needed repairs were explained in a way that I understood. The service man even explained I could wait until the next oil change to get the brakes done. The new brakes are great and my car doesn't squeak anymore. Thank you very much for honest service! We will be coming to you guys for our future car needs. Sincerely, Lora Shima 

Carl Borrmann
Forget the chains, and go here for great service and honest advice. I have taken many cars there, and appreciate that you can make an appointment, and get in and out on time. Friendly staff, and a nice waiting area. Close to downtown Louisville, so you can drop off your car and walk to lunch.

Stephen Pack
My go-to place. I've had a couple tires with holes which they patched for free, and when I bought a set of tires here, they had good quality choices in stock at reasonable prices.

William Mark
Hard to find honest mechanics. Friendly, helpful and reasonable. They understand the long game. Instead of "finding" things every time I come in they realize that if they're realistic with what needs to be done and what can wait that I'll just bring my car there every time. Love these guys.

Stephanie Ziel
They deserve every 5 star review they've gotten. Oil changes are quick and really reasonably priced. ...MoreThey deserve every 5 star review they've gotten. Oil changes are quick and really reasonably priced.

They don't try to sell/"fix" things that are unnecessary. Went in for an oil change, they told me my air filter is fine, but will need to be replaced next oil change. I was going to just replace it myself since it's an easy thing to do, but I found out they don't charge labor to install it, just the price of the filter.

Ran over a screw a few months later. I called ahead and asked how much it cost to plug, they said $8-$10, which I thought was reasonable - those DIY kits are the same cost.. and it's DIY. So I brought my car in, they did it for free! All they said was, "just make sure to come back here whenever you need something else." I scheduled my husbands oil change for the next day.

Brought my husbands beat up car in for an oil change. He had a minor accident a while back and his back bumper was hanging a bit. When the mechanic finished my oil change and handed me the keys he informed me that he just bolted the bumper back up so it wasn't hanging anymore, "no big deal!".

Long story short, I'm never going anywhere else for my car maintenance needs.

I love these guys! I've serviced my car here for two years now, and have always been treated fairly, speedily and well. They are knowledgeable and honest. I just had a huge gearbox problem on my car, and they told me to check the warranty with Subaru to see if they could help, which they could. His suggestion saved me $1600!! Not every garage would suggest going to the competition!! They get my custom, my vote and my confidence!!!

Nancy Schueler
I was referred by a friend, who had nothing but great things to say about Louisville Tire. I took my car in to have the tires and breaks replaced. I was given an upfront quote, for the same quality of tires and pads that Big O was offering, and they were over $100 less than the quote I received. The service was great...I will definitely be back.

Niomi Williams
Excellent service! Went in to get my squeaky breaks checked and an estimate. They got me in the next day for an appointment; quote me an hour and half--only took 40 minutes! And the best part: they didn't try to sell me more than I needed or suggest more work needed to be done. Will definitely be back; going to start getting my oil changes here--happy to support such great local service!

Marianne Gibbs
Kudos!  Thank you!  Friday quitt'n time and found that I had a flat tire.  The crew at Louisville Tire stayed just past their quitt'n time and hustled making this a 4-minute fix! something like - pulled nail/patched/aired-up the tire. 

TJ Kleven
After a crappy morning finding a couple screws in my tire, I decided to pull the thing off myself and bring it in for a patch.  They slapped it together within 5 minutes and sent me on my way, no charge. Great company, will do business with again!

Ed Wiley
I just took my RAV4 in to fix a flat.  The folks there were super friendly and the whole thing took about 15 minutes tops.  The most impressive thing though was the fact that they insisted on NO CHARGE for the service!  I'll be returning for not only tire work but other auto services as well...

George Florentine
love these guys! Super  knowledgeable, great customer service, reasonable prices. I've been a customer for about 20 years and have had them do work on seven different cars over the years. I've used them primarily for tire work so I don't have any experience with other services they might offer.

Tim Riley
These guys are awesome. Super helpful and friendly, and they charge for what's needed, not what they can get away with.

Aby Brown
Thought I had a leak in my rear differential. Brought my car in and they informed me that a plug was loose. They tightened it and sent me on my way. It took about 10 minutes maybe. No charge. I will bring my car here again for all my maintenance and repair needs!

Catherine McGrath
My tire had a slow leak. I called this place to see what they charge. They said $9-16 depending on whether it needed to be plugged or patched. When I got there I asked them if they could cut fix the plastic guard that was hanging down below ...More my tire had a slow leak. I called this place to see what they charge. They said $9-16 depending on whether it needed to be plugged or patched. When I got there I asked them if they could cut fix the plastic guard that was hanging down below the engine.

When all was done I went to pay. They told me that I didn't owe them anything. They said that I can just come back for an oil change some day instead. I was very impressed with the service they provided me. I walked out of there without giving them a penny. I will be back again for sure!

Jeff Akkerman
Last year I brought my 2007 Toyota Corolla for some work after a coworker recommended them (I'm new to Boulder) and they came in under their estimate so I was stoked.  I just brought my fiance's 2008 Toyota Yaris in to replace the wheel ...MoreLast year I brought my 2007 Toyota Corolla for some work after a coworker recommended them (I'm new to Boulder) and they came in under their estimate so I was stoked. I just brought my fiance's 2008 Toyota Yaris in to replace the wheel bearing. A a defective sensor turned on the ABS light requiring a few trips back and lots of labor hours and all they charged me for was the oil change I had them do while the car was in the shop before I drive to California.  I'm always going back here for any work I need done.

Laura Ohrt
My family has been bringing their business to Louisville Tire for years. With some exceptions and small bumps in the road, they have never done us wrong. Although it's depressing to think how much money we have spent there (ha), it has always been worth the high quality work they have done. Would definitely recommend them!

Sumeet Bhargava
Don't bother going to another shop. These guys do a great job, are honest and very professional. Highly recommended!!

JK Melton
Super honest. They only do work that needs to be done. Great communicators. Total cost for the fix and their time? $0. I now drop my cars of and say "do what needs to be done" and they take care of the rest.